Nestled in Western Massachusetts you will find the Seven Sisters mountains. Overhead shine the stars, Pleiades, also called the Seven Sisters. The name Seven Sisters Kirtan came to us as a creative force of what was to manifest.

Over a year ago, Auriel heard the name Seven Sisters Kirtan calling to her. She held it in her consciousness. Patiently. Expectantly. She met Joa in celebration at a sound circle. Later they met to discuss collaborating on sound healing. Auriel mentioned she was planning on starting a kirtan group. Joa said she could see the group being all women.

At that moment Auriel knew it was meant to be, she told Joa about the name Seven Sisters Kirtan and how it had come to her over a year ago and she’d been holding it until the time was right.

Everything is divinely supported and guided. There was no searching for our seven sisters. All just appeared. Each bringing their special gifts and goddess hearts.

From the first time joining together in chant, there was a very powerful shakti energy at play. A sense of ease, of knowing, of connection that is ever bigger than each of us and of which we all are, ever blessed.

If you love to sing, you just might love kirtan!! In a traditional Indian call-and-response style that is simple to learn and easy to follow, we sing the sacred names of the Divine One. There are no words that can truly decribe the experience of chanting – one must experience this for oneself. An alchemy occurs when we chant: the mind clears, the heart opens, the spirit restores – then love and light pour in. Kirtan is an exquisite process of the One Spirit unfolding itself through our voices.

No prior experience is necessary. Come to chant, come to listen, or come to receive healing from the sound of the holy names.

We invite you to experience Seven Sisters Kirtan.